1. Power On / Off

  • The power is turned on automatically when you open the cover is opened
       ✻ Please DO NOT put your finger on the keyboard while opening the cover. 
       ✻ The keyboard is automatically reset its sensor when you open the cover.
  • The power is turned off automatically when you open the cover is closed
  • The keyboard enters sleep mode automatically if not used for 20 minutes.
  • You can touch or press any key to wake it.

2. Bluetooth Pairing

  • Long press "the Channel key" and "Fn" key for 2 seconds to enter pairing mode.
  • The indicator above the Channel key light will start blinking, which means the keyboard is ready to pair via Bluetooth connection.
  • Add a new peripheral by selecting "Mokibo" on your Bluetooth preferences on your smart devices.
  • Press or select Enter key once your device shows pairing message.
  • When the indication stop blinking, your Mokibo is ready to use.

3. OS Selection 

  • While holding Fn Key, short press "OS Selection Key (F12)" until the LED shows the right color for your smart devices.
  • After you selected your OS on the keyboard, your OS is automatically saved until you re-pair your device.
  • For Linux, please select Windows OS (Blue color).

4. Multi Device Pairing and Switching

  • You can connect up to three devices by using "Channel key(F9~F11)"
  • Short press Fn key and Channel key to switch between your connected devices.
  • The LED starts blinking for only one to three seconds.
  • Simply, the channel has been successfully changed.

5. Left and Right Click

  • The red button between the space bar works as a left click.
  • While pressing Fn key, press the red button to work as a right click.
  • During keyboard mode, the red button works as a space key.
  • You can tap the touchpad surface to perform a left click.
  • you can also two tap to perform two click and even it works as a click three times if you three tap.
  • When you tap the touchpad surface with two fingers, it works as a right click.

6. Scrolling

  • Scroll with two fingers, up or down on the touchpad area.
    (Please don't press the key)
  • With three fingers, please scroll right and left to select your current tasks menu.

7. Touch Area

8. Touch AreaExtension

  • Once your finger corsses the boundary of the touch area above, the touch area automatically expands throughout the keyboard.
  • If your left hand is touching the surface of the keyboard or some keys are pressed, the extension won't be responsive.
  •  This technology is fully supported with the left handed mode.

9. User Setting

  • Open "Memo". 
  • Press and hold Fn key and press the following keys in the correct order to check the information.
  • The information will automatically show up on Memo.

Software Version

Battery Level

  • Simply press and hold Fn key and press the following keys in the correct order to set your mokibo up.

Left-Handed mode

Right-Handed Mode

Entering Update Mode

Mokibo Help

10. Multimedia Keys/ Special Keys

The following Multimedia key for Zoom and Webex works on Windows, iPad and MacOS. (Only Android is not supported)

  • Mic mute
  • Camera mute

11. Multi Gestures

 Zoom In/Out gestures (working on certain applications that support the following Zoom in/out shortcuts)

  •  Windows & Android : control +/- 
  •  iPad : cmd +/-


  1. Do not disassemble key caps from the keyboard.
  2. Please prevent liquid or dust and debris from entering the keyboard.
  3. If your keyboard is contaminated, please wash the part of keyboard with warm water and DO NOT submerge you keyboard.

    Then your keyboard will work again after you completely dry it.
     ⚠ Please make sure that your keyboard is unplugged from the power.

  4. Please DO NOT press, twist or bend the keyboard.
  5. Please use the certified charger for charging the fusion keyboard.  
  6. Please DO NOT use the keyboard in too hot or humid environments.

      ⚠ Any damages caused by the above reasons or being exposed to unusual circumstances may not be covered by the warranty.

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